Welcome to Nilli Salonspa!

At Nilli Salonspa, our philosophy is one of simplicity. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with a complete personal image that is individually tailored to fit their personality and lifestyle.

By following the natural tendencies of each client’s hair, we create a customized cut, colour and style that enhances the client’s best features and is above all easy to maintain.

Owner and head stylist Nilli Liman is recognized internationally for her skill and unique philosophy. Accomplished, creative, and passionate, Nilli’s extensive knowledge of the “science of hair” earned her an exclusive following in Europe and has led to the creation of her first Canadian salon, Nilli Salonspa.

Located in Toronto’s beautiful Forest Hill neighbourhood, our unique space has received national acclaim by being awarded the 2005 Contessa Award for Salon Interior Design of the Year. The interior of Nilli Salonspa mirrors our philosophy; the clean lines and smooth blend of textures enhance the serene atmosphere nurtured by our warm staff.

Our individually tailored hair services have been created with a single purpose in mind: to enhance our clients’ relaxation both within our salon and upon their return home.

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